Personnel dispatch operations

  • kawasaki
  • nihonmatsu

Specialists with abundant experience

We dispatch employees possessing proficient skills from our company to your factory. Many possessing qualifications for forklifts, cranes, welding, etc., we provide only highly experienced and high-quality workers in all fields. The dispatch to factories is limited to 3 years, but we can also make suggestions including the idea of contracting to work around this limit.

Also, for customers who want low-cost dispatched staff to reduce labor costs, avoid hiring costs, etc., we can also provide support in cooperation with Sato Business Agency, an affiliate company of ours.

For these kinds of clients

  • Want proficient specialists dispatched to you
  • Want to reduce labor costs
  • Want to reduce costs associated with recruitment and hiring of personnel
  • Searching for contractors with a follow-up and support system after dispatch
  • Considered changing over to contracting in the future after dispatch

Flow up to start of work

Flow up to start of work

Example of work

Casting/forging factory (Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima)

We dispatch personnel to support work involving copulas (the furnace which melts iron). Transporting melted iron and removing impurities is a job which can afford no mistakes.