Transport vehicles maintenance operations

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From daily maintenance to emergency repair

Transport vehicles like forklifts play a very important role when working in factories. Daily maintenance is essential, as are preparations to be able to handle even emergency situations.

At our company highly experienced specialists are responsible for inspection and repair of transport vehicles as transport vehicle specified self-inspectors. Because we always have expert technicians stationed, we can provide high quality service promptly even during emergencies, supporting smooth operations for our customers.

Points of Shohosha's "transport vehicles maintenance operations"

We keep expert technicians registered as specified self-inspectors stationed to not only conduct the yearly and monthly inspections but also to issue specified self-inspection cards and provide prompt repairs in emergencies. We also sell products and can provide them to customers at low costs.

Transport vehicles maintenance operations
Period :
1 time per year
Qualifications :
Inspector with national qualification or inspector with permit
Inspection items :
(1)Abnormalities with the motor
(2)Abnormalities with the power transmission system
(3)Abnormalities with driving equipment
(4)Abnormalities with operating equipment
(5)Abnormalities with braking equipment
(6)Abnormalities with cargo equipment
(7)Abnormalities with hydraulic equipment
(8)Abnormalities with electrical systems
(9)Abnormalities with body, head guard, back rest, warning equipment, turn signals, lighting equipment and gauges
Period :
1 time per month
Qualifications :
Can be conducted without any qualifications
Inspection items:
(1)Abnormalities with braking equipment, clutches and controls
(2)Abnormalities with cargo or hydraulic equipment
(3)Abnormalities with head guard or back rest

For these kinds of clients

  • Want to have a contractor handling monthly and annual forklift inspections
  • Considering purchasing new forklifts to replace current ones
  • Want someone to come to your company's factory for maintenance
  • Want to reduce vehicle maintenance costs
  • Want to entrust maintenance with proficient maintenance workers
  • Want to rent transport vehicles

Flow up to start of work

Flow up to start of wor

Example of work

Automobile manufacturer (Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa)

Permanently stationed at factories where our company is contracted for on-site logistics work, they are responsible for the maintenance of transport vehicles owned by our company and associate companies. While fulfilling a vital role, they also work hard to improve their skills day by day.